Technical Information

At AJ² Arch Cabins we set a goal. That goal is to provide you with a cost-effective cabin. Exceptional quality & affordability is the foundation of our business. It is the driving force for all decisions regarding materials, production technologies & client relations.

Our commitment to quality guarantees our success & your satisfaction.

Our homes are made from the best building materials designed for your own luxury & comfort at affordable prices.

We have worked around the clock to ensure all the necessary steps has been taken to ensure our cabins are built according to the national building regulations act (NBR) & the South African National Standards act (SANS) by working alongside our partners, FC Holm Architects CC & Axiom Consulting Engineers (PTY) Ltd. With this collaboration we developed our plans which enabled us to make your dream a reality of buying a cost effective cabin with the uniqueness & lifelong durability of a normal brick & mortar home.

A big advantage is the fact that we deliver an almost nationwide service & you could finance your cabin at any major banking institution.

Our professional builders use only the best building materials for instance;

All the timber used for the cabins comply with the SABS 1783 and the SABS 1460 act. The treatment on all the timber comply with the SANS 10005 act to provide our clients with peace of mind & that our cabins are built with quality materials.

All the steel components for the frame of our cabins has been designed & approved by our engineers. It has also been treated to protect it against the harshest elements against rust & corrosion.

The roof is a steel roof sheeting with a zinc and aluminium galvanic rust protective layer, an IBR profile & a factory applied baked colour finish (Colorbond) of your choice. You can decide between several roof colours that includes; charcoal, green and many more choices on what colour you would like the roof to be.

We use only the best insulation for our roof & walls, we install Alububble 1983 for our roof insulation which protects your roof space from heat build-up due to radiant heat penetration by acting as a heat barrier to protect all services within the roof space from drying out, cracking and degradation due to UV & Solar heat gain. It is also an effective water vapour barrier under roof sheeting.

For our wall insulation we install Isotherm which is an Eco-friendly insulation & also maintenance-free. It is resistant to condensation, associated fungi, bacteria & Isotherm is also a product that will not collapse over time.

All the exterior windows & doors are aluminium framed, is manufactured according to the requirements of the (AAAMSA) with a selection of four colours which is silver, bronze, charcoal or white & includes glazing as per the SANS act.

The exterior cladding consists of fibre cement boards. They are painted a colour of your choice with Dulux Weather guard.

The interior doors used inside our cabins complies with the SANS 545 act and is painted white.

The internal cladding consists of gypsum boards (Rhino board) that complies with the SANS 266 act & is painted the colour of your choice.

The built-in cupboards, gas installation, plumbing & the electrical installation is installed by the best & most professional subcontractors.

All our sanitary fittings & bathroom accessories has been bought at leading retailers.

Touching the subject lightly of the paintwork of various colours for your home, our clients determine their own preference.

Please take note:

The connection from the cabin to the municipal sewage system, electrical supply and water needs to be supplied by the purchaser & does not form part of Aj² Arch Cabins responsibilities nor services.

The purchaser will also have to apply for their own NHBRC certificate for the dwelling in terms of section 14(1)(c) of the housing consumers protection measures act, 1998.

Should the purchaser require us to include above mentioned services, it will be added to the quotation & an administration or service fee will be charged.

FC Holm Architects will also handle the building plans and hand them in at the relevant municipality for approval.

Lastly, the occupation certificate will be issued by your local municipality and issued to you by them.

Please also note:

AJ² Arch Cabins will supply you with the following certificates on completion of cabin.

  • Electrical certificate

  • Gas installation certificate

  • Plumbing certificate

  • Engineers certificate

  • Energy certificate

  • Glazing certificate